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Taizhou Tailun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the coastal city of central Zhejiang Province. It is famous for its "famous seamounts" since ancient times. The original (Taizhou Jiaojiang Xia Chen Xingwang Plastic Electrical Appliance Factory) was founded in 2000. The company's product registered trademark is "Tailun". It mainly deals in the manufacture, processing and sale of electric fans and accessories. Through CCEE, UL, GS, CE, CCC and other domestic and foreign product certification.
The company has strong production technology, many technical personnel, complete testing equipment and stable product quality. Over the years, Tyron has been implementing the new idea of "product diversification, market diversification, transformation and upgrading to promote development". Through design innovation, process innovation and channel innovation ... ...

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General Knowledge of Electric Fans

General Knowledge of Electric Fans

Electric fans, also known as fans and fans, are household appliances that use motors to drive fan blades to rotate to speed up the flow of air. They are mainly used for cooling, relieving heat and ventilating air. It is widely used in homes,...



Cautions for Use of Electric Fans

In hot summer, it is not pleasant to turn on the electric fan and brush your face with a clear wind. But many people get sick because of the improper use of the electric fan. The reason is that many people lack the common sense of using the ...



Common Faults of Electric Fans and Solutions

In the south of our country, it is almost summer now. Now many families have air conditioning. At the same time, there are many air conditioning diseases. So many families are willing to use electric fans when the weather is not very hot....



Tailun official website opened!

Taizhou Tailun Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. official website opened!...

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